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11 in 1 Fitness Resistance Bands

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RESISTANCE BAND SET Resistance band set

Categories: Health Care

Point : 400

Model: exercise

Brand: Made In China

SKU: 100116


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Color Exercise Bands:

All exercise bands are 48? in length and come in yellow, blue, green, black and red. Our workout bands can be used independently or in different combinations, with a maximum resistance of 100 Lbs.

Resistance Band Set

Versatile Accessories:

Our resistance bands provide you with multiple ways to train your body, and also come with cushioned handles, ankle straps and a door anchor.

Resistance Band Set

Your Personal Gym:

With our resistance band set, you can do all kinds of training right at home, including strength building, muscle toning, physical therapy, Pilates, stretching etc.

Resistance Band Set

The Set of Resistance Tubes has soft grip handles for uninterrupted training exercises. These blue-colored tubes provide heavy resistance, ideal for strengthening exercises. Unlike weight and pulley devices and weight machines, the figure of eight tubes allows for all strengthening exercises to be done in functional, sports-related movements. This makes them perfect not only for people with injuries but for sports training. Resistance Tube work Depending on their level of elasticity, they provide a graded amount of resistance to movement. They provide an excellent method of resistance training for the strengthening of specific muscles and tendons.


  • Composition: The composition material of the resistance tube band is latex which provides more flexibility and provide more stretchiness.
  • Strength: Different colors of tubes have different strengths which provide maximum stretchiness for your biceps and triceps.
  • Suitable: The set resistance tube of live up is suitable for chest, arm, leg, back, and overall back posture.

RESISTANCE BAND SET Resistance band set